what i found out



today i write it in english because a half of the people who’s reading this blog are from Canada or other english countries.


I’m actually quite surpassed about it haha

and i would like to tell them if you are reading my japanese blogs ,thank you so much

and also if you want to read more blogs in english  , do let me know^^


i could teach japanese on here to people who are learning japanese too !


what i usually share on blogs are


I’ve been talking about lots of different topics such as

  • life
  • leather craft
  • english studies
  • daily life
  • habits that changes your life

something like that !


i like traveling so id like to share a lot about my trip to you and right now

I’m about to travel to Okinawa in japan

they have nice beaches and interesting histories as well

this is gonna be my first time going there haha

Im so excited about it !

i will share that in japanese but if you want to read in english

feel free to msg me ^^


thank you for reading .


have a good one ^^

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こんにちは 本日は前回の続きのPart2を書かせていただきます。 前回の内容は語学学校での経験についてで、今回は経験とどれだけ英語が語学学校で伸びたかをシェアさせていただきます。   まずは …